American Canvas Co. LLCbuilds the most cosmetically appealing and overbuilt sliding bow system on the market today, with applications for dump bodies and end dump trailers. 

We offer three different systems to choose from:

1) The semi-waterproof tarp is a vinyl tarp system that is extended to the edge of the bows. This tarp system is highly recommended for asphalt applications, etc. Our semi-waterproof tarp is best when a full waterproof system is not needed. Bows are available in twelve inch, six inch, and flat rises.

2) The anti-pollution tarp is a mesh tarp system that is used for containment only when loads do not require waterproof systems. Our anti-pollution tarps are recommended for demolition, gravel, rock, etc. Bows for this system are available in eighteen inch, twelve inch, six inch and flat rises.

3) The side drop system is required by some states on asphalt systems. Side drops help keep water out while traveling and also keep the heat in longer. Extended idlers are recommended to get this tarp past the tailgate.